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Characteristics: Fence and window sills with smooth and dripping surface to facilitate water evacuation.

The bottom, or base, with a rough finish and fitted with galvanized joints (located every 400 mm) to improve fastening, also facilitating mounting and placement.


Our construction products are made of polymer concrete, a versatile and competitive material, resulting from the mixture of mineral granulators of various granulometries, resins and various chemical aggregates.
Its high mechanical strength and very low weight allow for minimum (2 - 3 cm) hard working without internal reinforcement. In addition, its porosity-free finish gives it a slight absorption of moisture, avoiding the dirt getting inside. This property facilitates maintenance and
its cleaning, which gives it a high durability The standard finish is smooth, in three colors, of choice: white, gray and cream, customizable to order.

Mounting instructions:

1. Clean the surface on which the piece will be applied.
2. Apply a layer of flexible adhesive cement on the surface and on the bottom of the piece
3. Open and bend the joints at the bottom of the parts
Very important: see attached diagram 4. Place the piece on the prepared surface and wrap it, straighten it and align it.
5. Both at the wall joint and at the placement of the various parts, they should be separated by a spacer so as to create a 5 mm gap.
6. Place the next piece glued to the groove to wrap, level and align with the previous one.
7. Remove the spacer by leaving the perfectly clean groove on its entire thickness
8. Close the joints with polyurethane adhesive

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